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Bidding Box Bidding Box

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Posted 2019-September-21, 17:02

I would like to make a recommendation to move the 'Pass' button/action to be near/follow the '7' bid. Why? With the 'Pass' button right next to the '1' bid (the MOST frequent number used) there is too much of a possibility for us old farts to fat finger a bid and mistakenly hit the 'Pass' button instead of the '1' button (or the reverse). Why not make it easier (accessibility wise) by moving the 'Pass' near/after the '7' button (the LEAST used button). If by mistake one hits the '7' button a player still has the opportunity to correct themselves because no suit was chosen yet. Even better yet, when there are only a few levels to bid (like 4, 5, 6, 7) put some white space between the '7' and the 'pass' by right justifying the 'pass' and left justifying the levels. You could also do something similar with the DBL button/action. This is SIMPLE programming. If you would like some further explanation/input, please feel free to reach out to me at I would also be willing to provide some design screen shots if needed.

Yes, I understand there is the ability to confirm bids.. but that is EVERY bid.... and is too cumbersome. I also understand that depending on the tournament and/or casual play table the bidding boxes are slightly different depending on what is on the screen (like a chat section). Regardless, take the chance away (or minimize it as much as possible).

For the record, I do use the phone most of the time and it only exacerbates the above scenario.

Note, in tournaments where undos are not allowed, I have hit the wrong bid/button by mistake and it has cost me dearly. Please lessen the chance of errors for your customers. It (on the surface) seems like a very simple thing to do with virtually no downside.

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